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April 23, 2017


For the last couple of years I have been working on my own comic book series, From the Ashes, when I can find the time and when I don’t have paid work to do. Sadly this is rarely as often as I would like so the book slogs along at a slow, but optimistically steady, pace. 

Independent comics do not pay much and are a mountain of work to produce, but this book is something Ive always wanted to do so I press on. 


To help in this endeavour Ive set up a Patreon page for those who want to be part of the book and help make it more realistic for me to dedicate time to making something that makes me very little money. Patreon is really simple, you can donate as much as you want, as often as you want, with no obligations or minimums. Every little bit helps and anyone who is willing to be part of the Patreon page will receive a drawing of their choice for no charge. You pick a character and Ill draw it for you and send it your way with no further obligation. 


Patreon is a great way to get behind the scenes and help be part of the projects you follow, please check it out and help support independent artists like myself:


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